The Rollerstop DJs, when they can, kindly make a spotify playlist of the tunes they have played. We’ll post them here for your listening pleasure.

Hello Rollerstoppers!

We have added a booking calendar for 4 week pass holders which we hope will make booking sessions quicker and easier. You can now

Book multiple sessions and pass holders at the same time. Yay!

All your account details will be entered for you. Yay x2!

Pick a date then time that you want to book.

Select the number of 4 week pass holders who need tickets.

Press the add to cart button.

If you would like to book more dates, just repeat the steps above.

Once you have added all the sessions that you like, press the check out button.

You may have to add your details the first time you book, but next time they will be added for you.

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