Junior Lessons

Junior lessons are a fantastic way for children to begin their roller skating journey.

In no time at all, junior skaters will be standing up in skates, balancing, skating forwards and backwards, stopping too. 😀

Once they’re rolling, it’s time to learn more skating skills, crossovers to glide around rink, turns and jumps to smoothly transition from forward to backwards skating, and spins just for fun. 😎

Every new skate skill learned is used to play a game with plenty of time to practice and have fun.

Lessons Details

Saturday or Sunday
10 AM – 12 PM
4 Weeks
Age 4 – 15 

Junior Lessons group
Junior Lessons skaters

Lessons Dates

The next block of lessons begin on the 8th & 9th January 2022 (no lessons in December).

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4











July’s tickets will go on sale on Monday 28th June 10 AM

January's tickets available here on
Tuesday, 30th November at 10 AM
for Play & Learn - Ages 4-7 only
No spaces available in Beginner & Skills at this time

Play and Learn - Ages 4-7

For the younger skater, play and learn is the place to start rolling, learning to skate while playing games, weaving through cones, and having fun encouraged by our skate staff.

Sold Out!Play and Learn SaturdayBook tickets here

Sold Out!Play and Learn SundayBook tickets here

Beginners - Age 8+

Junior beginners learn the skills they need to get them skating forwards, backwards, and stopping too. These basic skate skills are combined in games that encourage beginners to improve their skills while having fun. With the basics mastered, they’re ready to learn crossovers, turns, and spins. Everything you need to roller disco. ***NO SPACES AVAILABLE FOR JANUARY***

Sold Out!Beginners SaturdayBook tickets here

Sold Out!Beginners SundayBook tickets here

Skate Skills - Age 8+

This is it, you’ve got the basics and are ready for the big time, spins, jumps, and dance moves. Ready for any roller disco, and our advanced lessons, figure skating or derby. ***NO SPACES AVAILABLE FOR JANUARY***

Sold Out!Skate Skills SaturdayBook tickets here

Sold Out!Skate Skills SundayBook tickets here

Junior Lessons includes:

  • 1-hour skating lessons in small groups
  • Skate hire and protective equipment
  • Roller disco entry, 12 – 2 PM
  • Rollerstop T-shirt
  • Certificate of completion

Running Order:

10:00 – Arrive, skates on, and warm-up.
10:30 – Lesson time!
11:30 – Finish lesson.
               Get ready for the roller disco.

Junior Lessons 04
Junior Lessons 03
Junior Lessons 05

Rollerstop T-Shirt

Everyone who comes for lessons receives a Rollerstop T-Shirt of their choice. There are two designs to collect, boom box and roller skate. Both come in five different colours, blue, green, orange, pink, and red. They are available in four sizes 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, and adult small.

When you book a block of lessons, we will contact you to ask which T-Shirt you would like. At the first lesson, you will receive the T-Shirt during the break, and at the end of the lesson everyone can join in to take a group photo with their new T-shirt on.

Lessons FAQs

Does the block have to include roller disco entry?

Yes, practice is a very important part of learning any skill. It is essential for children to have time to roller skate outside of lessons so they can progress.

My child missed a week of their course, can they attend on another day?

Unfortunately not, missed lessons can’t be exchanged or refunded.

My child has their own skates, do they get a discount?

No, lessons are a set price.

My child has a space in a 4 week course, can they stay on the same course every time it runs?

In most cases no, when a child is ready to progress to the next course they should move up. However if the coach determines that a child is not yet ready to progress, they will be given the option to resit. In this case, there will be a period of one week where payment must be made to confirm the resit or the space will be made available to the public via the website.

Please note this does not apply to Play & Learn.

Can I put my child's name on a waiting list for the next block?

No, we no longer have any waiting lists for children’s skating lessons. All lessons are sold via the website only (with the exception of children who are repeating or progressing). When tickets for the next block are made available we’ll update our social media and include it in our mail out too.

Why don't you sell lesson blocks further in advance?

We need to calculate how many spaces need to be held for those progressing from one class to the next.

I'm already a great skater - do I have to go through the lesson blocks to be able to join one of the specialised lessons?

Not necessarily, email in to meet with one of our coaches who can assess your ability & advise if you need to brush up any general skills first or roll on through to your chosen specialism.

How long do the lessons last for?

One hour.

Can I buy a block of lessons at the rink?

No, lessons can only be purchased online so we can keep track of attendees & make sure not to over-sell spaces

Weekend Roller Discos

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