Book a Children’s Party

Unfortunately due to the limited capacity of our Party Room we cannot run Children’s Parties at this time. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to be alerted when they start again. You can still celebrate your day by booking to come to a session. We don’t allow you to bring any food or drink, but you can bring a cake if you wish (please note you cannot blow out candles), ask at skate hire for a birthday shout-out, and we have a cafe selling hot and cold drinks, pizza, hotdogs, ice-cream and milkshakes, cakes, crisps and confectionery. Masks must be worn unless you are exempt under government guidelines, or you are seated in your group at a table. Please read COVID-19 & FAQs page at the top of the screen for more information.

All Parties Include:

  • Beginners starter lesson
  • Exclusive use of the party room 
  • Skate & protective equipment hire
  • Light up wheels for the VIP (hire only)
  • Print-at-home invitations
  • Party snacks

Parties last 1hr 30mins
Approx Running Order
10 mins: Meet and greet, skates and equipment on.  
50 mins: Roller disco + starter lesson
5 mins: Group photo (your camera)
10 mins: Skates and pads off
15 mins: Snacks and refreshments

Our party manager usually works Mon – Fri between 10-2pm, you can call or email to discuss any party queries before booking. Parties are sold first come first served, we don’t hold dates without payment or run parties for under 7s.

Whats in the party food?

Two slices of pizza (Margherita) per guest, ice cream, Oreos, Haribo sweets, Capri-Sun and unlimited water or squash. If any of your group have any special dietary requirements please let our party manager know during the booking process. 

Whats in a party bag?

Small bag of sweets, a glow ring, glow stick, skate keyring, small toy, RollerStop sticker, laces, a discount voucher for return visit, a timetable and room for cake! *items may change slightly depending on stock levels

Party FAQ’s

Light up wheels are on hire skates & not able to fit on personal skates for the party. LED hire skates start at a children’s size 10 & are provided for the birthday child only. Additional pairs of skates with LED wheels can be added at a cost of £5 per pair & we do sell & fit* LED wheels for personal skates too. *Fitting can take up to 48hrs

Fewer guests than expected attended, can I get a partial refund?

Unfortunately not, we have set packages to ensure the party runs smoothly on the day. Adults can fill up these spaces, so you and your friends could join in too.

I need to add more guests than I’ve booked, what do I do?

Email/call the Party Manager to arrange the extra payment up to the maximum of 15 participants, even if it’s only 1 more than 10.

Can parents stay to support their child?

Absolutely, parents who are staying to support their child (off skates) don’t pay entry. We advise that parents of children under 10 stay to support their child.

Some of the guest have their own skates, do they get a discount?

Parties are priced as a complete package but guests are welcome to bring their own skates if they prefer.

What should the children wear?

Something comfortable and easy to move in. Children are very likely to fall when they’re learning so leggings or shorts should be worn under skirts. Long party dresses are not ideal as they can be a tripping hazard.

Will Rollerstop staff tie laces and put protective equipment on for all the party guests?

The Rollerstop party host is there to help guests learn to skate. It may be worth asking parents to stay and assist with tying laces and putting on protective equipment if their child is not old enough to do so by themselves.

Do we pay for the VIP (birthday boy/girl)?

Yes, the VIP is one of the party group and must be included in the number of guests.

Can younger siblings join in?

Yes, some skaters can be 4-6 years but the majority of the party guests must be 7+. For children aged 4-6 we advise that an adult be available to support them (off skates), until they find their balance.

Can adults skate too?

Yes, adults can be party guests too as long as the majority of the party are children. If any parents (who are not party guests, paid for by you) decide they want to skate on the day they can pay at reception and join in the public roller disco (subject to availability). If parents know in advance they want to skate at the disco too, they should book via our website to guarantee their entry.

Can I bring my own food?

No, no outside food is permitted on the premises. We provide free unlimited squash and water for the group so there is no need to bring anything.

Will the skate coach or cafe staff cut a cake I bring in and put it in party bags for me?

Unfortunately not, our party host will be helping prepare your party food, we recommend singing happy birthday with the cake after shoes are on & just before food is served, there will be time to cut cake while party guests are eating.

Do the children have to be able to skate before the party?

Our party host will give a beginners lesson at the start of the party but it might be a good idea to bring the birthday VIP to practice beforehand – there can be a lot of excitement on the day which can make getting going more tricky! To book tickets to skate before the party visit our timetable.

Ive booked a party, when will I get my print at home invitations?

Invitations will be sent by email & your party details confirmed by our party manager a maximum of 3 days after your booking.

Parties take place during public roller discos (so you can soak up the atmosphere), but your party receive the VIP treatment with their very own roller skating coach & access to the party room for food & getting ready.

Your coach will provide a group lesson to get everyone rolling, then be on hand to support your guests learning to skate.

NB: No partial refund is available where fewer guests than expected  attend. You can fill up spare spaces with adult or child friends/relatives, if you wish. We do not do parties for more than 15 participants.